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Co-partner with Yumi Takada Casting in Los Angeles.

Yumi Takada LA partner

In 1995, Yumi began her career as independent casting director and has done more than 1,500 casting projects.
Yumi does casting for American actors/models for Asian markets and Asian actors/models for the U.S. market.


"Ninja" "Bunraku" "Haunted Highway" "Picture Bride" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" directed by Clint Eastwood. etc...


"i-Phone" "US Census" "PARCO" "Health Net" "Blue Cross" "Wal-Mart" "KIA" "SAMSUNG" "SHISEIDO" "Hanes" "Mitsubishi" etc..
She also consults for people who want to start talent-management businesses, and trains them in their management careers.

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Overseas market management/consulting service for Asian artists.

  • Overseas agent services for artists under contract (Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, etc.).

  • Overseas Information, international film industry structure, Hollywood business development consultants.
World of international contents producing.

  • Contents Development and Co-production of international films/ U.S. television series.
Copyright Agent

  • Aiding in the acquisition of rights to domestic content for overseas film adaptation or remakes.
Music Production/Producing

  • Career development for new-face talent/producing record label artists